How do you play?

Fun board games don't have to be complicated board games!

Snippets takes just a few minutes to learn.

A "snippet" is a short sequence of letters that can be found as a whole within words. For example, the snippet CRA can be found in CRAB, SOCRATES, and SACRAMENTO but not in CORAL, RACECAR, or MARCH.

Players write down as many words as they can in 60 seconds that have each round's snippet. Don't forget that in this board game, anything goes! Dictionary words, people names, brand names, place names, fictional things, acronyms, slang, abbreviations, contractions, hyphenations, non-english words, the snippet itself, and even plurals and alternate verb tenses are all allowed!

When time's up, players compare answers, earning points for unique words and fun bonuses. Strategically aim for the longest word, fewest crossed words, and other special bonuses, or just go for broke and try get the most words! The player with the most points wins the round and the first to 3 rounds wins the game!

Full instructions can be found here.