Snippets isn't one of your average, crabby word games! Part of a select few award winning board games, Snippets is one of those perfect games for kids, a party, or family game night. With its unique "anything goes" rule, you don’t need a crazy vocabulary to compete, and unlike most word games, the "smartest" player doesn’t always win.

Fun games make family game night... fun!

Flip over a Snippets card and start the 60 second timer!

A "snippet" is a sequence of letters that can be found as a whole within words. For example, CRA can be found in CRAB, SACRAMENTO, and SOCRATES but not in RACECAR, CORAL, or MARCH.

Write down as many words as you can that contain the snippet! Anything goes!

Dictionary words, people names, place names, technical terms, slang, acronyms, hyphenations, non-english words, the snippet itself, and even different forms of the same word are all allowed!

Compare with your friends and earn points for unique words and fun bonuses.

Strategically aim for the longest word, fewest crossed words, and other special bonuses, or just go for broke and try get the most words!

Highest score wins the round and first to three rounds wins the game!

With its unique "anything goes" rule, Snippets isn't like most word games, requiring more of a creative mind than a large vocabulary. And with only 60 seconds to think, everyone’s answers will be equally hilarious.

What's in the Box?

Hundreds of carefully crafted snippets make for endlessly fun games!

With 300 snippet cards perfectly selected for optimal fun, Snippets is one of the best games for long term play value. In the box you'll also find 4 answer pads, 4 pencils, 4 scoring cheat sheets, and an instructions booklet. Also crabs.

Board games made modern

Sometimes a sandtimer just doesn't cut it. For a fun, interactive (and free!) timer, check out the Snippets timer app for iPhone and Android. Just hit START and Snippy the crab happily clacks his claws as he counts down from 60 seconds.

Snippets Junior is our brand new expansion pack for Snippets with 100 extra cards that are ideal for little wordsmiths. Now available for purchase!

This is the game for my family, my house, my life!
Snippets has become a regular in our game cupboard in our home of word lovers and smiths.
Snippets is one of the most delightful party and family games we've seen in quite some time.
I get lots of games... It is rare that I get a game that is so perfectly fun, so enjoyable in a broad sense as this game is.