Have you won any best games awards?

Why, yes we have, thanks for asking!

Snippets was a contestant in the 2017 Mensa Mind Games competition where hundreds of its high-IQ members playtested and rated almost a hundred brainy board games. Snippets earned the title "Recommended By Mensa Mind Games®", with Mensa members raving, "This is the game for my family, my house, my life!" and "Fantastic fun for smart people!"

Snippets also earned a presitgious 2017 Parents' Choice Gold Award, which recognized it as one of the best games for kids, parents, and families. The award was the top honor given out and one that was received by only five board games! In their review, the Parents' Choice Foundation wrote, "Snippets has become a regular in our game cupboard in our home of word lovers and smiths."

Snippets was also included in Dr. Toy's list of 10 Best Games of 2017 and 100 Best Games of 2017 alongside powerhouses like Jenga!

But wait, there's more! The game also recently received a Top Fun Award from reviewer of children's educational products, TillyWig! TillyWig raved, "Snippets is one of the most delightful party and family games we've seen in quite some time."

In addition, Edo's Game Reviews included the game in their Top 10 Games of 2016, saying, "I get lots of games... It is rare that I get a game that is so perfectly fun, so enjoyable in a broad sense as this game is." And The Dice Tower's Tom Vasel awarded Snippets The Dice Tower's Seal of Approval, saying, "I really like this party game! [...] It is a solidly, excellent game."